Thing 4: reflections on blogs

  • How is blog reading different from other types of reading? How is it similar?

The biggest difference I noticed was the organization and immediate access to information and links. Multiple pages of text can be overwhelming, but blogs can direct you to links if you choose to get more information on a statement or topic. This allows you to choose the direction your reading will take you. Skipping over comments that don’t grab your attention and delving into areas that catch your interest is much easier when reading a blog.  Obviously reading from a computer screen is a different experience than from a book.

  • How does commenting contribute to the writing and meaning-making?

On the blog called Patrick’s update which is written by a 5th grader the commenting is specially meaningful for the writers and hopefully for the student. Teachers and students have a chance to make encouraging comments and stories from their own lives.  It feels more like a supportive diary than most of the others I read.

On the blog called Why Don’t I Assign Homework ? written by a math teacher,  I found the comments as interesting as the reasoning provided by the blog writer. Knowing you have the opportunity to immediately respond to the thoughts of another person makes the experience reminiscent of a live conversation.  He has an index on the right hand side with links to recent posts which works well for this type of blog.  I like his links to items he mentions that can tell you more of what he is thinking.  I particularly liked the update section where he responds to comments made to his blog and further clarifies his ideas while respectfully disagreeing.

Favorite quote from his blog:

“If it’s just school work done at home, what makes it more valuable than school work done at school?”

And finally my I loved the blog called A Final Goodbye.  I can imagine that the third graders in that class will become better writers.  They might have even had fun having a funeral for the overused words!

2 thoughts on “Thing 4: reflections on blogs”

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised by the responses that Patrick got on his blog. Sometimes online comments end up being really negative, especially on YouTube. I guess the anonymity of the internet allows people to be mean. In any case, I was excited that there can be supportive online environments.

  2. I was intrigued by the blog you mentioned about assigning or not assigning homework. I, too, teach elementary music. Can you imagine not giving practice/homework to a student taking lessons on an instrument?

    I agree with one of the folks that responded to the original blog – Jonathan – who thinks homework is good practice, if for no other reason, for the repetition and quick recall of facts. I know students who struggle with math facts because they don’t practice them at home regularly. I agree with teachers giving homework assignments. I don’t think the students need hours of it, but just enough for the teacher to be able to tell if the students really understand the concepts they were supposed to practice outside of class.

    I know homework was something I needed when I was a high school student because I didn’t grasp everything from a class lecture in school. I had to practice it on my own and troubleshoot when I ran into difficulties. The process of doing homework also prepared me for college. Since I had developed such good study habits in high school, I had not problems in college with any of my classes. I’m glad my teachers made us do homework.

    Thanks for commenting on that blog. I want to go back and read more responses when I have some time.

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